Darrell Sabourin

darrell sabourin bass guitar

Darrell Sabourin: Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals
Musical Influences: Country, Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues
Artist Influences: (Dad) Bob Sabourin, Johnny Cash, Dierks Bentley, Merle Haggard
Guitar: Ibanez Sound Gear SR2005 bass with Bartolini active pickups.
Amplifier: Mark Bass 2 x 10 Combo and Mark Bass 15″ ported cabinet.

Darrell Sabourin started playing guitar at the age of 11. The house he grew up in was always filled with Country Music as his Dad Bob Sabourin often had jam sessions in their kitchen sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. Back in those days there was only one tv and no Internet, so one night when his Dad got up for a bio break, Darrell picked up his Dad’s guitar and started strumming along with the players seated around the kitchen table, one of them being Vanishing Breed lead guitarist Bob Boutin’s Dad, Lucien Boutin. At 14 his Dad handed Darrell a bass guitar and not long after that he was on stage playing bass in his Dad’s band Country Moonshine.

Since that time Darrell has played in numerous bands covering a wide variety of music genres honing his bass and vocals skills. Vanishing Breed brings him back to his roots, the Country Music he grew up with. The music that was responsible for him picking up his Dad’s guitar that night in the kitchen of his childhood home. The music that also introduced Darrell to Bob Boutin and reunites them in Vanishing Breed. ♫